Vecoplan Midwest is a leading supplier of pelleting equipment.  From processing the raw material to bagging the finished pellets, Vecoplan Midwest designs, builds, and installs complete pellet production systems. A typical line within the Pellet plant includes size reduction, conveyance, metering, pelletizing, cooling, screening, packaging, and customized system controls.
The heart of every system is a Vecoplan Midwest pellet mill, featuring belt driven dual drives for increased performance and lower maintenance costs. The brains of every system are Vecoplan controls designed and manufactured to maximize ease of use and optimize system performance.

Pellet Mill System 2
Vecoplan Midwest pellet systems deliver production rates from 1,000 to 18,000+ lbs per hour, depending on the material being pelletized and the size of equipment specified. Vecoplan Midwest’s expertise includes pelletizing hard and soft woods, wood scrap, agricultural bi-products, grasses, manures, ethanol waste, and virtually any type of biomass, paper, cardboard, carpet scrap, and MSW. Vecoplan Midwest’s team members have practical, hands-on experience running pellet mills, providing system start-up, operational training, as well as on-going parts and service and a combined 75 years of experience.