Vecoplan Midwest, LLC has developed an entirely self-contained pellet plant that is compact, clean and affordable. The Vecoplan Midwest CPP is the perfect pellet plant for processing wood, biomass, feed products, manures, most anything that needs to be pelleted. The Vecoplan Midwest CPP can be available standard with manual weigh scale bagging, bulk loadout, and tote sack loading. Additional add-on options include: large raw material surge capacity, hammer milling, and an on-site office.

The plant can be relocated in a very short time, should the need arise. Vecoplan Midwest stands ready to provide after-sales service and parts as well as on site operator training.

  • 7 different models with throughput ranging from 1,000 lbs. per hour to 12 ton per hour
  • 2-8 hour set up time (depending on model)
  • Adapts easily to most existing trailer loadout systems
  • Alleviates the need for expensive buildings


• Straw • Shucklage • Corn Stover • DDGs • Bean Stubble • Grasses • Alfalfa
• Other Farm Related Products and By-Products

For Fuel, Animal Bedding and Feed Pellets

• Manure
• Other Farm Related Waste

For Fuel and Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer

• Pallet Scrap • Wood Waste By-Products • Paper • Cardboard

For Fuel and Animal Bedding

• Rigid Plastics • Agricultural Film


The CPP is available in several model configurations, so there’s a system that is ideal for your needs. Each model is designed to produce the maximum throughput with a minimal footprint, saving you time, space, and money - not only saving you money, but MAKING you money!

The CPP is designed, built and shipped complete with controls from our New Albany, IN location.
The customer provides a flat concrete surface for desired size of CPP and an electrical feed to the main panel.

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CPP Systems for Pallet Scrap

CPP Systems for Biomass and Feed